2015: me and it may not be friends

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Not that I wish to be negative, but this year’s only 10 days old and not going so well.

Swiftcover have declined to accept my No Claims Discount transferred from another policy. It was frozen in aspic the year I switched to driving the Minor full time, and has been waiting to be used since then as I couldn’t accrue any more NCD on that policy. Unfortunately, it turns out they don’t accept NCDs that have been preserved. So they’ve suddenly upped the Prius insurance by 100 quid. Yay, thanks Swiftcover.

I ordered a hard disk on e-bay; highly suspiciously it was ‘shipped’ yesterday and I received a ‘signed for’ envelope today. The envelope was, of course, empty. Having googled the ‘I got an empty signed for envelope’ thing, apparently it’s a longstanding scam. So the envelope’s up on the shelf, being held in case they contest it and I’ve opened a case on e-bay. Irritatingly, and foolishly on their part, they require that you give the seller seven working days to reply. There’s no button for ‘the seller is a fucking scam artist’.

I’m currently treating the RiscPC as dead, which is another joyous thing. Oh, and my laptop did it’s spontaneous reboot without telling me which is twice it’s done it in a not terribly long space of time.

And last night, in the storms, the wind blew the Chiminea off the deck. It was last year’s Xmas gift from my mum and we only got to use it a few times. It’s my own stupid fault, I should have grocked that it was so windy that it was a risk. But I didn’t. And this morning it’d fallen and cracked. I’d always intended it should live inside the tool store over the winter, but haven’t ever finished the storage under the deck which is where the tools are meant to live… to make space so that the chiminea can live in the cupboard where the tools currently are. Which is making me feel like my lack of ability to complete tasks is largely at fault. I’m hoping I can repair it with some fire cement, but it’s a pretty big crack.

I don’t want to be a harbinger of doom, but so far 2015 has largely sucked.


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