Preparation is the art of prevarication

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So I spent the morning steeling myself for a ring-round of lots of insurance companies. When I insured the Prius I put my ‘no claims discount’ on the quote. Then when it came to sending proof of no claims I couldn’t work out who in hell I should ring. Did I use it on the Volvo? No, that was insured as a classic. Did it go on the EV? No, that has some esoteric policy that didn’t allow for a no claims discount.

Eventually, I concluded, I’d preserved it (like a beetle frozen in amber) when I took out the policy on the Minor. One phone call later and I have a letter which, well, is confusing. It states that I had 4 years No Claims which would not accrue with the new policy, that I had an accident in 2012 (which I did, but that they’ve no idea how much it cost, and that it may, or may not be proof of No Claims). Err, which I think is some sort of success.

Having prevaricated about it all morning it actually took about 3 minutes. Sometimes I think I really should just get off my ass and do stuff.

Anyhow, that done I can get on with the exciting business of the day. Cleaning.


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