I am so heartbroken by the convo I just had with my cuz

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I Asked my 9 year old cousin Emma if she wanted to be on the phone with me when she watched DW tonight. She’s only allowed to stay up late when DW is on – it’s on an hour later here in Denmark, timezones yo. (she has watched all episodes in the past year and I introduced her yay!)

But her response broke my heart:

“no he’s making fun of Clara. She’s not fat, mom says. He’s not nice. I don’t like it anymore.”

Her mom then told me Emma had asked her if ‘she was big and had big hips? and if the doctor wouldn’t like her either?’

Her mom said “but the doctor loves Clara!”

she then simply responded “no, that’s not how you treat friends. I would be told off in school if I did that.”

and that’s basically all  have to say. My almost 9 year old’s biggest hero has made her feel fat. Please, Moffat, can’t you write one single episode without making sexist jokes. Please. Please.

Quitting Doctor Who was the best decision 

There’s really nothing I can add to that. He’s destroyed it.

The only good thing about moffat is that once, in talking about him, I uttered the phrase ‘misogynistic dinosaur’ whilst passing a small child, who then demanded her father explain what it meant to her.