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I am so heartbroken by the convo I just had with my cuz



I Asked my 9 year old cousin Emma if she wanted to be on the phone with me when she watched DW tonight. She’s only allowed to stay up late when DW is on – it’s on an hour later here in Denmark, timezones yo. (she has watched all episodes in the past year and I…

When did the Doctor make fun of Clara’s weight?

Pretty much constantly since the Capaldi era started?  He comments on her hips, he comments on how she’s given up, he asks if she should be wearing certain things…I don’t have access to quotes right now, but it’s been in there.

It’s funny, because I actually love Capaldi as the doctor. I love that he’s harsh and not lovely, that he’s abrasive and rude. I like that because the Doctor has not always been a fun, kind, friendly person; and seeing it come back is good. It’s good to have change in the Doctor, and I’ve missed that side of his character.

It’s just the way it’s been done is fucking awful. Even through the Moffat era, up until now I’ve still felt excited about Saturday night being ‘Who night’. There’ve been enough good bits or good episodes, and perhaps enough of a history that I’ve coped. It’s been one of the very few bits of live TV I’ve actually bothered to watch, live, for the last few years.

This season though, I’ve been steeling myself to watch it; to see what new ignominious low they’re going to put my precious doctor through. And I’m really struggling to get up the energy to try and watch the latest episode, because they’ve all been so very, very bad.