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We don’t have front pages on our websites any more. That sucks. Time was you could have a nice depressing/beautiful picture, some lyrics, a list of webrings, and the recommended minimum resolution (use Mozilla please!!!!), and then in the corner a tiny link that takes you to the web journal of sadness and a lot of internalised transmisogyny.

Oh the simple joys of times past

Netscape Navigator 3.0!

Mind, that’s a bit modern and PC centric for me. Most of my pages of old sported HTML Compliant logos and a stylish gif indicating that they were developed on RiscOS. And were almost illegible due to the hideous backgrounds or the highly cheerful grey-on-black colourschemes.

And then you could click the link to find out what a nutcase I was… am. Mmm. :)

‘course, back then, all this was fields…



Please sign my guestbook…

Of course the saddest thing is that many browsers no longer support perhaps the quintessential HTML tag. The tag that towers above all others. The tag that leaves women and children weeping and praying for mercy.

the blink tag

Mind I’ve still got all my websites from back then, and I’m pretty certain that none of them used the Blink tag. Most of them still render okay, too. But it’s best not to read my journal. If you think the posts are tediously angst ridden now, you should have seen me 15 years ago.

Good god that blink tag’s annoying.