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Blah blah handwavium shaped-charge needs to be at that position and angle to hit the fault line *just so* bliddy blah, gimme a scone




…someone’s been talking, haven’t they? Probably one of my former Japanese students (er, formerly students, not formerly Japanese). They all raved about my scones. :P I tell you, it’s only like six ingredients, you should make your own!

(Actually, if anyone visits me I will totally make them scones, but only if the temperature in the kitchen is below 80. There’s no way I’m turning the oven on for the next few weeks).

This handwavium might work. Hmm. Just have to figure out whether explaining the way it is or revamping it is more work. :P

Hrm, do I need to check the forecast and organise some appropriate weather before we come over? ;)

Talk to Everwest and Caladri. Their goats have a weather machine.

I’d like you please to imagine that I wrote something hilarious as a follow up to this…

….what I’m actually going to do is lie here and go zootlewordle, because my brain appears to have stopped working. Which may be related to the night shifts and the trying to swing back to days and the holyfuckI’mtirednowness