They’re all arseholes

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So we’re trying to book our flights to the US to see Kathryn’s family / our WA friends / where we’d like to move to. Which has traditionally been a case of ‘locate flight on Skyscanner’ ‘click book’ ‘done’.

Usually a bit of money gets added as the various agents involved decide to add in the unicorn tax and the interplane dwarf controlled luggage management charge for the change over at Amsterdam. Oh, and obviously the gratuitous credit card charge despite the fact we’re already charging you a ‘booking fee’. This I expect.

What I’m not used to is the fact that countless websites have offered us flights at one rate – even to the point of allowing us to book the flight, and in one case taking credit card payment details, then told us ‘oh, no, no tickets are available at that price’.

Well, fuck you KLM/Delta. If there aren’t tickets at the price you’re advertising thenĀ don’t fucking advertise them at that price.

That is all.