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The best thing about the Dreamcast was that you could plug in the official masturbatory aid and play Rez and lose yourself for a while.

Oh now don’t forget, you could also do that on the Playstation 2.

Still can in our house.

Presumably because Rez doesn’t support 480p. No idea why, since I’m fairly sure the Dreamcast version will have been VGA-compatible.

To be honest, everything on the PS2 looks terrible on the TV. It’s disappointing, because whilst I’ve not been ‘a gamer’ for a loooong time (Sim City 3000 and GTA is the end of my gaming timeline, really) I do have some games I never really got to play that I’ve kept kicking around.

And now it looks like shit, and I’m less inclined to play because, well, it looks like shit.

I’m suspecting it’s the cheap-ass PS2 -> Composite video converter I’ve got, plus the fact it’s a HD TV so whereas it looked adequate on the old widescreen CRT it now looks disastrous on the new one.