Drywall Day

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Drywall Day




We got the whole studio ceiling hung yesterday, and had just enough 5/8 drywall. I’d theoretically bought enough to do the studio plus the little laundry room bit (which we weren’t going to do until later), but I didn’t factor in the weird way the trusses failed to line up with a standard sheet……

That is awesomely impressive working. Drywalling takes way longer than you expect it to… Are you guys skimming it yourselves? Or do you have someone else coming in to do that?

In other news, we found a house that just needs some minor renovations that both Kathryn and I fancied…


Looks good eh? Just a bit of minor garden work, pop a new roof on, and it’ll be shiny ;)

“We’re” skimming it. And when I say “we” I mean “Dad is teaching me once and then leaving me to it because it sucks” and when I say “Dad is leaving me to it” I mean “Every time we left a gap or dented the drywall or had a bad edge, dad said ‘Who cares? That’ll be YOUR problem.’”

As for the picture, well, location, location, location. Perhaps you can pop the garden on as a roof… no, wait, you tried that earlier… we already know you manage without heat, I’m sure internal walls won’t be a problem. :D

Oh you lucky, lucky soul. Skimming is just a joy, I tell you. A joy. And I must admit I’ve never* really tried to plaster using real plaster. I’ve always used the premixed lazy-ass stuff with various modifiers in it. The problem is, you get one bit perfect and just as you’re going:


You notice that you (well, I) have created a tiny ridge between your perfect bit and the bit that was previously perfect, and you go back, and then you try and fix it and suddenly the whole thing looks like a motocross track again, and you have to do more working.

Granted last time I did this I was doing a curved wall, and eventually I was able to walk away and go ‘I really do fucking rock’, but it took years off my life.

And as for Kathryn and I’s next project, I was thinking with your plasterboard drywalling skills and newly perfected plastering, you could pop over and lend a hand with the interior walls.


* Once, I remember the phrase hideous disaster, but can’t actually remember the results. And it was a long time ago. Sufficiently far that I don’t think I’ll count it.