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reblog if you ever actually used a phone with a “rotary dial” on it

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Wi-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, wi-ch-ch, wi-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch……

And getting your finger caught under the metal thingy.

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nines were such a paain

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Reblog if you’ve ever seen a rotary-dial phone that had letters as well as numbers on the dial-face and know what the letters were for. :)

my parents still have one of those…

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When I was very young, my parents had a rotary phone (letters and numbers). 

They eventually returned it to the phone company.

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We actually have two in our house. They did work, but we haven’t bothered to have our landline reconnected and I can’t find my VOIP converter (it’s in the house somewhere, when I find it I’ll hook them back up).

You may telephone from here...

They’re great, not only do the people you talk to sound like they’re from the 1940s, when you talk back it sounds like you’ve travelled back in time. There’s a certain quality to the audio from the carbon-granule mics and entirely analogue reduction of audio to transmissible down small copper wires that gives a really particular sound.

Oh yes, and you have to pay to use our payphone. So don’t forget to bring your shillings if you want to make a call at our house.