Holidays, minor progress and sickness.

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So, I’d have photos of progress in Kathryn’s office to show you but for the fact that my iPhone is shittier than a shitty thing on Saint Shitty’s day. I made the mistake of upgrading to iOS 7.0.4, which should have been fine. But for the fact that for whatever reason the backup made before the upgrade didn’t work, and now the fscking thing won’t sync. Oh, and it reset everything. Oh, and lost all the data on it. Oh, and now, despite claiming to be working, still won’t sync and thinks it’s a new iPhone.

I fear I’m actually going to have to go to the apple store and get them to look at it, because it does seem to be spectacularly broken. ETA: Found a fix – apparently it had corrupted the backup, perhaps, just before the update and now couldn’t do whatever it needed to do to the backup file. Anyhow, removing the backup and making it create a brand new one, from scratch, seems to have, for the moment, fixed it. No, I will not be getting another iPhone.

Anyway, irritatingly, that meant it lost a bunch of photos of Kathryn’s office, which I’m part way through renovating.

However, I’ve not been doing that today, which was the plan. I had sanding and priming scheduled for this afternoon / evening, but unfortunately yesterday I came down with a reasonably spectacular case of D+V. No idea what caused it, whilst we were away on holiday we tended to have separate meals and just taste the other person’s. Kathryn’s felt a little off, but I was taken out fairly spectacularly yesterday morning and spent the entire day vomming. Not that you want to know that, but I want your sympathy. Anyway, that’s meant that today I’ve treated myself pretty damn gently. My stomach is still not entirely sure that it’s happy with the world (I’ve fed it live yoghurt today to get some friendly bacteria in there, not whatever evil bastard bacteria were in my gut yesterday) and crackers and even graduated to slices of bread at lunchtime. But the gentleness has meant no decorating (sad-face).

But we had a fab weekend otherwise.


We headed down to Crafty Camping which is a Dorset Eco/Glamping place and stayed in a Bell tent. Now, Bell tent in November? Cold you’re thinking. Err, well, yes. At times. We spent most of the day time out and about but in the evenings when we got back it was certainly pretty cold. Getting the fire going would take it down to being chilly, except the last night where we really went for it with the stove, piling the wood on pretty much continuously. That night we actually got it pretty warm. But the beds sported heated sheets and were cosy-cosy to get in to. So it was all okay. And the showers? Showering out in the open woodland, flipping ace. I just wish I had better eyesight, because looking up at the trees and standing in the lush warm shower was inspiring. Oh, and the sauna. We liked the sauna.

Quintessential English countryside village

We pootled around the surrounding area, getting some nice 1960’s glass jars and a 1980’s biscuit barrel from the antiques/bric-a-brac area of Bridport. We spent an inordinate amount on food (but nothing on petrol, having taken the iMiEV – there’ll maybe be a post about that up on Transport Evolved soon – where I seem to be doing the odd guest post).


We ate in the River Cottage Canteen and the Alexandra Hotel… We made wood-fired-oven-cooked pizza.


It was, in fact, a really lovely anniversary weekend. Just something gave me food poisoning, or I caught some kind of bug. At any rate, yesterday was a write-off (although I did read the rest of my V.I. Warshawski novel, and started another). And today I’ve just sat around watching Blackadder and reading more V.I. Warshawski – but today I’ve eaten. Food. Actual food. And not seen it again shortly afterwards, nor had agonising cramping pain in my stomach, nor felt like I was going to pass out immediately after vomiting. Yay for that. Occasionally I forget how unpleasant D+V is, and how miserable it can make you. So, err, the reminder was great. No more, now, though, thanks.


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