I’m going to say that meets the requirements

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Every day we’re meant to do 20 minutes of cleaning/tidying/etc that doesn’t include doing the dishes. It’s derived from this, but tweaked, on the basis that unlike normal people we don’t have 20 sensible minutes each day (and quite frankly, if you think I’m cleaning for 20 minutes on a day when I’m on a night shift you are batshit crazy… maybe on the first day, but after that I am damn well sleeping, or pretending to, until the very last second that I can be in bed).

See, with us both working shifts, we resented the fact that the few days we get off together (and believe me, they are few, this month there’s three of them) were taken up with cleaning. So we adapted this system, and despite both of us slipping on occasion and failing to get it done, the house has meandered towards a level of cleanliness we’re both happy with. It’s quite pleasing. It’s still not quite there, but that’s mainly disorganisation.

So today I set about my twenty minutes with the intention of cleaning under the bed and sweeping and tidying the bedroom. Maybe doing some general tidying up.

And then I realised there were still blinds under the bed. Blinds I bought over a year ago that are the wrong size, that I didn’t realise we’d not be able to trim down until it was too late to return them. At which point we were stuck with blinds that are hopeless for our house.

And so instead today I’ve listed my chunky Eumig RS-3000 projector, the second slice from the Risc PC, my Canon AE-1 and four blinds on e-bay. Impressively, despite having been sat for probably 10 years, the Eumig projector kicked in and worked perfectly…

‘scuse the shuffled duvet and crap videography, it was only ever intended to be a ‘look it works’ video for e-bay.

I’ve also taken out the rubbish, sorted more laundry and readied the washing machine for another load. I’m going to declare that that’s my 20 minutes :)

I wanted to get out in the garden today, but I’m having some treatment that means I’m not meant to expose my skin to too much sun, and every time I went outside the sun would start blazing ferociously. In the end I hid inside with the door open and enjoyed the nice weather that way.

I also realised that despite sluggish progress I could cross some things off the jobs list (and added-and-crossed-off some that I didn’t know needed to be on there). Whee.


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