We’re back!

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Well, technically we’ve been back a few days and I’m having that occasionally unnerving experience of how fast I can spend money when I want to. Whilst we were away (tedious holiday post with far too many pictures coming up*) I picked up two dirty great chunks of driftwood from the shore of the lake on which we spent a couple of very nice**** nights.

These are to make the lights in the kitchen, which have been waiting, painfully, for ‘the right bit of wood’ to come along. Actually, the bits I really, really, really wanted were unreasonably heavy. If we lived in France I’d’ve been sorely tempted to take half the beach home. As it was I had to force myself to put down my original choices on the basis that ‘if I can’t carry them both, I can’t reasonably attach them to the ceiling’.

Anyhow, having brought home the free bits of wood, I’ve now ordered miles of expensive three core braided fabric coated wire, a dirty great length of braided stainless steel wire, and then I’m going to do evil things involving light bulb holders and such from our local hardware store. At least, that’s the general idea.

Anyhow, since we bought a ‘new’ (1930’s) bookcase**** from a charity shop on Friday, which is due to be delivered in a time window that starts in 30 minutes, I guess I should nip upstairs and have a quick shower…

* If I could do a slide show night for you all, you know I would**
** But at some point I got rid of my 1950’s slide projector, for reasons related to the fact it weighed approximately the same as our house***
*** And some of you are in the wrong country, although we could do it using google hangout or skype or sommat ;)
**** And cold, I’ll grant you.
***** Actually it’s one of those bow fronted display cabinet things. Not that we have more books than you could shake a (large drift wood) stick at, oh no. Nor of course did we buy books in French, not that we speak French (although Kathryn’s working on that with the help of books and comics in French. I’ll work on it later…).


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