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So, the last few days have been awash with exciting sand-paint-filling joy.

The original wallpaper – textured as it was:


covered, as usual, a multiple of sins.

I’d started filling it months (and months) ago – but had paused whilst I did my course. Returning to it and sanding it back revealed some more areas where the plaster was gently crumbly, so those were scraped out and filled.


Then it had a coat of basecoat, then more filler to just catch the few bits that still stood out. I could spend an endless amount of time trying to make our walls look completely smooth, but they are now ‘acceptable’. I’ve also fillered the joint between the two bits of picture rail that I put up, and caulked every last joint between ceiling and wall, and between walls and picture rails and door frames. I’ve still got some lamb’s tongue strips to put on around the frame when I finish fitting the door, but otherwise it’s going fairly well so far.

Despite it taking a little longer than expected, it’s now ready for top-coating:


And very, very white.


You can also see the jauntily unsquare frame and the door which is currently ‘hung’ (it gets it out of the way until I take it down and plane it a bit). I fear whatever I do – the frame is so far off square that it’s going to look a bit odd. I’m going to shave a bit off both sides of the door, mainly (obviously) at the bottom) and then we’ll see. I’d like to have a stained glass section in that door, but I don’t think it’s realistically worth the effort. It’s no-where near as dark in there as I thought it was. It has, however, had the odd effect of making the kitchen marginally warmer, and the rest of the downstairs much colder. Upstairs is also a bit chilly – I guess the heaters in the kitchen were gently heating the rest of the house. Also, it’s (weather wise) got colder, so perhaps we should just suck it up and wind the thermostat up a bit.

That’s pretty much been it in my little world. I’ve recorded the next Dead Bug Jumping podcast, so that will, in fact, be up on time. I’m trying to get a smidge ahead, so that holidays aren’t an issue… And our router crashed, which in some way deeply upset the Pi. The pi then died, and I had to dump the disk image back across again. This has culminated in me leaving the Viewsonic box in situ, and giving the Pi it’s own input. The idea being that the Viewsonic can be a backup. I’d like to replace the router, since that seems to be the source of some of our grief, but I’m not convinced it’s wholly worth it since it’s just more crap to move. Mind you, that didn’t stop me picking up more vinyl… :-/


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