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So, we did thanksgiving. I realise Turkey day has either been-and-gone or not-arrived-yet depending on where in the world that you are, but in our bit of the world it’s not given as a day off, and thus we tend to have it at the weekend, when we can arrange days off, and our friends all have days off. It is a fairly effective system, and this year, the many gathered in our house for an inordinate quantity of food.

The turkey, having had a delightfully exciting, and thankfully uneventful ride home:
As the Beatles once sang, she's got a Chicken to ride... Although this time it was a turkey...

Was cooked. It was a 6.5kg turkey this year – I think that’s about the same size as last year – although this year we went with a different recipe. The turkey was, as usual, insanely expensive (we get really good turkey from a very respected place, because if we’re going to kill a damn-huge-animal we’re going to have it treated well before hand. That and they taste excellent), so the ride back before cooking was fraught with terror. That and I also had a large number of potatoes and two bottles of booze on my back, so whenever I stopped was thrown forward with some force. Anyhow, cooking. Cooking was simple and it was ready more or less on time. Again, the pop-up timer didn’t work, but the juices ran clear, and the meat looked right, so we ate it. I’m not dead yet. :)

Many good friends and associated miniature people descended (one of my oldest friends managed to make it down, too, which was excellent), and much food was eaten (seriously, every year I make the same eyes-stomach related error), a large quantity of which was brought by our friends, thus saving my sanity*. The small people watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and later on Nikki got excited about The Birth of Cool again. I also shared my Serbian EP, or at least, the side with the songs we all are likely to recognise.

We chilled out, chatted, digested, ate Kate’s ‘Heavenly Hash’ which is a concoction of cream, marshmallow, fruit, and coconut. Insanely unhealthy, but excellent :)

And then people dispersed, and we loaded up the dishwasher, washed up, and went to bed. Pretty much perfect, as Thanksgivings go.

And then, in a shock move, Kathryn and I also had today off, to chill out and recharge after the franticness of yesterday and the last few days of cleaning. We spent the day discussing moving plans, and are more or less settled on a course of action. The only rather fearsome bit being the price. The beginning of the nursing registration process is a cheerfully insane $469.20 (CAN).

* Last year, I did a large chunk of the cooking of the entire meal by myself, before Kathryn came home. All of the food was prepped and cooked in our kitchen. It was an error, in so far as whilst the food was yummy, I was on the brink of insanity by the time it was all ready, which was also very late.


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