More Belf (or Bookbed, or something).

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So, despite having been on nights, the impending visit of my mother has spurred progress on the house, or at least on the Belf. The Belf being a Daybed/Fold-Out-Double/Bookcase affair of such astonishing complexity that even I am quite surprised by how complex it’s ended up being.

The bed itself is mainly MDF and pine. The shelves that are at the end are more of the reclaimed douglas fir we used to make the shelves in the other alcove:


Now, we were a bit limited in quantity of fir, so between the wood for the belf and the wood for the shelf, that really is all the wood that we could usefully salvage to make something big – and whilst it would have been nice to have an extra shelf on that one, we don’t really have any spare (mostly because the plank they threw in free with the others we bought was split end-to-end).

Anyhow, so, despite sleep deprivation I spent today working on the belf…

So, today started with it looking like this:



And ended up with it looking like this:


Irritatingly, my centre support is approximately 3mm to flipping wide. So I’ll have to trim that down (which is going to be a complete arse, because it’s both glued and screwed into place (for strength). The end supports are similarly a smidge wide. Still, it gives me something to fix tomorrow. When Kathryn gets home we’ll have to flip the top over and stand it up – which will allow it to be attached to the hinges which give the bed the handy day-bed/flip out semi-proper double (double, but with two single mattresses).

Anyhow, tomorrow we get to populate the bookcase, which is quite exciting.

And we checked, and as you can see, the second mattress does, indeed, snick neatly under the bed. Which was entirely the point :)

Also today I went and collected Chester. He’s now got a new (old) front strut, and the old one is currently in the boot, with the intention of being moved to the garage in case we have another strut failure. This garage didn’t swap the disks over, so the brakes are a bit uneven at the moment, but hopefully that’ll settle down. It was better by the time I got home, than when I set off from the garage.

At any rate, as I was walking there in the mid-day winter/autumn sun, Bristol let out the pretty for a while…

Ah Bristol, you brought out the pretty for me.


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