Spend all the monies.

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So I booked the bike in for an MOT and Service. This is because she now runs, and so we need to do MOT and service for the purpose of making her road-legal. And then riding her on the few summer days we have like today (because we’ve broken the planet). It, like the Minor’s 1275 are relics of a bygone time, or they will be soon, when burning oil was considered a reasonable way to move yourself around. Anyhow, the Kawasaki’s engine is, certainly, within the bounds of things I could service. It’s just something I have little interest in doing. Bikes are small, fiddly, and generally a pain in the ass to maintain. The K’wak is a toy, really. If the government get their way and we end up with regional pay, I may end up commuting around the country on her, but otherwise, she’s a summer toy. Yes, I am a bad and naughty person.

Annnyhow, then yesterday I got a nice reminder that Rebecca Mog’s tax disk is due to expire. Since currently tax disk and MOT are the same date, I have endeavoured to book some friends for the ‘moving the minor into the garage’ day. Because whilst Rebeccamog may just simply drive round there, there’s also the possibility that the diff will die completely, and we’ll get to partially disassemble her on the gravel drive to get her into the garage. No fun if I’m here just with Kathryn, we may want more people. This is fine, it shouldn’t really incur any expenses I don’t already know about. I’m slightly tempted to take Chester around first, because then if Rebecca dies she can be dragged on the gravel. Yes, I really am a bit paranoid about this whole experience.

Then today I got the reminder that the Volvo’s tax disk is….due to expire the end of the month. Which means the MOT expires…err… in 6 days time. ACK! So now the Volvo (with it’s illustrious history of smoothly passing MOTs) is due to to go in for an MOT. I fear for the monies. All the monies. August’s a pain in the ass.



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