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So, I’m looking for an engineering works in Bristol (or nearby, so South Wales is fine too) that can:

– Lighten and mount a standard A-series flywheel on the output shaft of a Netgain 8″ motor.
– Mount the motor on the backplate such that the shaft and the attached flywheel align with the original output shaft/flywheel from an A-series engine, and trim the backplate to lighten it as far as reasonably possible retaining the original gearbox bellhousing mounts.
– Design and fabricate two mounts to mount the motor and attach to the existing mounting pillars or mounting holes in the Minor’s engine bay.
– Recondition a Morris Minor diff (well Riley / Wolseley 1500 diff).

I had a chat with Llewellin’s in town, and despite their statements of general reconditionyness and engineering prowess, they decree that this is all beyond their abilities (including the mog diff!).

Anyone got any recommendations for a good engineering shop that are likely to be able to do that (not necessarily all of it, I can spread the love around) and also not hugely misogynistic and won’t charge me the bonus being-a-girl price?


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