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So, at some point I’ll probably set up a site devoted to the EV Minor project, egged on to success in this field by Jonny’s Flux Capacitor which is awesome, but also faintly sad, because I really wanted to use that EV myself. Money, as always, being a pig that gets in the way of things.

Anyhow, so I have some questions to put to my engineering shop, and I’m putting them down here, where I can find them again.

The minor’s A-series (1275) peaks at 69 lb ft at 3000 rpm. The motor I’m planning to put in the minor produces 152 ft lb (which is apparently the same measure) from 0rpm. I was contemplating having a shoulder cut into the backplate to mount the motor – but am now a little concerned about the amount of torque going through it… and, tbh, the gearbox. I’m not sure what the maximum the gearbox and diff will take. I have a horrid, horrid feeling it’s substantially less than this.

To achieve getting the clutch in the right place might we instead need to space the motor back from the back plate – so it’s output shaft lands in the right place. Meh.

Then of course, as I touched on, there’s the gearbox. The minor’s gearbox probably deals fairly well with around 70lb ft of torque coming out of the modded 1275 engine I’ve got. The diff, that had 80ish lb ft of torque put through it when it was in a Riley One-Point-Five. How that lot is going to handle 152lb ft of torque is worrying me in a ‘will it blend’ type of way.

Err, yeah. Some other thoughts to follow.


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