Restless self syndrome

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So, the wanderlust is back. It’s been back for a while. That urge to move to the middle of nowhere; to some small remote place and be in the world. It’s funny, the cacophony made by the part of me that wants to be away from all of city and civilisation as it fights with the geeky bit of me that loves technology. The two don’t have to be separated, but it’s certainly easier to have high speed internet when you’re in a city, really.

Part of my frustration with the world today is that faint feeling of spinning my wheels*. That I’m ready to move to that phase of our lives that involves upping sticks and moving to Canada, and the fear that that move might not work out, and the plain simple fact that it’s not happening now anyway. All that kind of restless energy that doesn’t really get you anywhere, but does leave you wondering whether you’re doing life wrong. Anyhow, so that’s that.

* pretty much literally today! ;)


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