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So, for the past week and a bit I’ve been suffering from absence of laptop. My much loved MacBook (not a Pro, just a plain MacBook) had a teensy bit of a screen problem. In that about a 1.5″ wide strip of the screen was intermittently not working. I did, unintentionally sit on it ages ago, which may have had something to do with it. Otoh, the problem didn’t show up until a long time after the sitting episode, so I’ve no idea if they were connected.

At any rate, it was out of warranty. Which meant that I put off the repair as long as possible. I took the main body apart and reseated the display connectors in the hope that this was, in fact, a display connector problem. It wasn’t. And having looked at the instructions for stripping down the display (HEAT GUN! HEAT GUN POINTED AT MY LAPTOP SCREEN! ARE YOU BATSHIT INSANE?) I decided that discretion was the very much better part of valour (if it was my old, 8 year old, tatty and battered laptop, then sure. My barely 3 year old computer? Jeeze, no).

I struggled with wiggling, twisting, pressing and poking the screen into working to finish my essay and dissertation proposal before taking it for a bankingly painful trip to the Apple store in Brizzle. And now she has a shiny, shiny new screen. Sadly they didn’t clean the rest of the computer, which I’d’ve rather liked them to do, but I’ll give it a good blow out with an air duster when I replace the HDD, and upgrade the memory, which is the next task.

Unfortunately, the day after the laptop went to be fixerated, I decided to become super-viral-woman. I don’t know what caused it, but I’m going to bet it was a combination of not quite clearing the last virus, working a ridiculous number of hours, switching from nights to days, stress about my course, stress about work (starting a new job) and switching from a very sedentary lifestyle to cycling ~30 miles in a week (normally I’m expecting to cycle about 22 miles… it would have been 38 miles had I have made it through without falling ill).

Oh, and it rained. Rained a lot. I got quite wet, got to work where I worked a full on shift (no, really, it was more full on than I was expecting. It was like they took my imaginings and went “Yeah, the ED would be more exciting if it was like that, only MORE”), got on my bike and cycled home, where after some sleep I discovered I had a temperature of 40 degrees C (104F). I didn’t enjoy it.

I then didn’t enjoy the next 4 days at all. Most of them involved temperatures which are not wont to make you feel good. I couldn’t really eat. I felt constantly nauseous, hot, tired and unwell.

I haven’t watched so much telly for a loooong time. I vaguely wanted to read stuff, but any attempt was met with my brain slothing about the place telling me that if I wanted it to do anything it’d damn well better get cooler in here. My poor beloved put up with me whinging constantly (and complaining, and whining). I don’t do ill, at least, not in any way that makes me reasonable to be around.

Thankfully after a lot of resting I’m now back up to…more or less full strength. I’m a bit tired today – but I think that was me angsting about my course – not having my laptop with all the papers on it meant that, well, there’s not a lot of point me looking at the course website because I can’t comment on / achieve much. And despite picking up my laptop yesterday (mmm, shiny new screen) I didn’t quite get the nerve to look. I did a lot of cleaning yesterday though, which was good… :)

I looked today. It appears to be a 2-week hiatus in between modules. Had I known that I might have tackled building my desk today, well, doing a bit of work on it. But in all honesty? I should be resting which is kinda what I’ve ended up doing.

I did my errands, I went to the supermarket*, I dropped off my Doctor’s letter at my old job and my time sheet, and gave my old uniforms to someone who asked for ’em. I went to lunch with a good friend…

So Sunday? Sunday might be desk day, and it might also be a day for recommencing work on the house, which has got a bit, well, it’s stopped.

* It’s BULK shopping day! We now have 22 packets of fruit juice and about 12 packets of cereal.


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