High impact interventions

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So, in the last week since being sick I’ve endevoured to make some progress, and regain that lost inertia towards finishing the house. It’s not really worked, perhaps part of this is the low impact of many of the jobs on the list.

Whilst the skirting is all but done (I need to bring a small bit up from the garage, see if it fits, and attach it if it does, then attach the final (already cut) run); much of it sits behind the bench (not finished) and the table and it’s impact is largely dissipated. Indeed, I barely notice it. Which I suppose is sort of a good thing. It needs some decorator’s caulk run around the edges, but essentially done. Also, I cut the picture rail, and have put it up. It also makes the room look more finished, but doesn’t really do massive things.

There’s some filling to do around that too, and some filling on the walls. But really, it’s difficult.

I’ve painted much of the garage having removed the mould too, and done this:

On the plus side, phase one of desk construction is drying :)

Which is the first part of my desk for upstairs. That led to this, unfortunately:


Which I’ve now hopefully repaired….

However, today I started putting paint on the walls of the stairs. I know, starting a new job when the old one isn’t done yet. Bad, bad, bad. But the painting’s coming, and our kitchen heaters are running 20 hours of the day trying to heat the entire stairwell as well as the hall and the kitchen. It felt good. P’raps this will stun me out of my inertia.

Anyhow… nights again this week :(


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