Knackered but there’s been progress

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So, the plan for today was to nip out, have a hair cut, grab some wine boxes, head home and tile.

It didn’t quite work exactly like that.

I woke up at 5:30 (having gone to bed after midnight) and thought ‘oh, I’m not asleep anymore’. I stayed not asleep for an hour before deciding that I was bored, and there was tiling that needs doing, so I might as well get up.

I got up and started tiling.

Kathryn got up at the prescribed time, and I delayed things by not being quite in a position to stop and have breakfast. We made it to the haircut with minutes to spare – although they were running a bit behind anyhow. Then we went to get crates. The place we’d seen them before was, well, shut. It says outside ‘Open Saturday 10-1’, but this week inexplicably it had a piece of paper taped over the sign and was very not open.

So I commenced Plan B. I heard that CostCo used to give away wine crates. Having dropped Kathryn at work (and paused for lunch together :) ) I headed to… meet with friends who happened to be going to CostCo. We then all went to CostCo together – and I came back with enough toilet roll that should there suddenly be a national shortage we’ll be good for a few months. Also enough tinned tomato that we won’t need any of that for a good long time either. And more shampoo that you can shake a short-spiky-haired stick at.

But no wine crates. The lowly lacky I asked about it looked confused and said ‘Uh, I don’t know, you need to speak to a manager….I have no idea where the manager is…. could you ring on a quieter day?’. I’m thinking ringing tomorrow early might work, before the rush.

Then I headed home and spent an entertaining hour persuading the shelf into the cabinet with the macerator in it. It turns out it is ‘quite a tight fit’, and having carefully trimmed bits to fit I have come to the conclusion that I don’t wish to remove it. Ever.

I also trimmed the corner cabinet base, however there is a small problem in that the corner cabinet sits on the edge of the skirting. ‘m quite tempted to get the stanley blade and just eeek out a tiny sliver from the skirting, rather than trying to trim the cabinet.

Finally, I tiled some more.

And some more.

And lo:



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