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Well, sorta. We’re in an otherwise empty house, in which the gas heaters have been condemned and disconnected (although thankfully the hot-water heater hasn’t been condemned/disconnected!), with a pile of fan/electric heaters (and our illustrious 70’s Agni), with the permission of the owner. So we’re not actually squatting, and we have some furniture here (and a fridge). We don’t, however, have a cooker… Thus yesterday I discovered the Trangia gets a bit enthusiastic when used inside. There’re no breezes to reduce the heat from the flame, so we had somewhat charcoal’d eggs for breakfast as I flailed when I realised I had nowhere to put the hot pan while I popped the regulator on… We are, thanks to the generosity of the owners not paying rent – just the utilities and council tax.

Impressively, despite not quite following how to set up the timer on the electric radiator in the lounge it managed to stay a reported 14 degrees in the lounge (where we’re sleeping) overnight. We’ve moved in the minimum amount of stuff (well, marginally more than the minimum; we put our garden chairs / table in the back room to use as a dining room-come-study.

This, however, is a reasonably comfortable place to be, the lounge is *massive* (at least to us, compared to our old address). Hopefully we’ll soon have a completion date, and we can finish this silly game :)

Today the plan is to ring Andy’s Gas (to get a new gas bottle), to ring Be Internet and see if I can hold off their fee-to-be-paid-to-rejoin thing (‘cos we had the BT line disconnected and didn’t tell them – they want £10 to reconnect if it takes more than 1 month!), ring the solicitors and poke them, and I think I might have to tell the post office we need more redirection time.

Why this has been so overcomplicated and difficult I don’t really know. I am looking forward to having our stuff again, and to feeling settled. The stress has been seriously getting to me – yesterday I had to take the day (night) off sick, because I had serious IBS symptoms and spent most of the day running to the loo. Today I’m feeling faintly tense (I don’t really know why), I suppose after the last few days I feel like I’m waiting for the next disaster to befall us. Which is unfair really, because it’s not uncopeable with, it’s all stupid little stuff, frankly, given what other people deal with. I think I just don’t like the massive level of uncertainty.

In other topics, I’m intrigued by the fact that I’m not a big fan of rap (with the exception, perhaps, of this) I really like some of the stuff in the Best of Bootie 2010 which is very definately rap based. Is it that I don’t like rap, or is it that I’ve some sort of bias against rap, and when you hide it with music I know that I actually like it. Mrr.

What I do know is that I miss the amplifier and record deck and *MUSIC*. While the MacBook is doing it’s best, it’s hardly room-filling-music. And the selection of music I have on it is ‘limited’. *Sigh*.


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