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So, yesterday was Kathmas! Or somesuch. Yesterday we celebrated Christmas, because as is often the case I’m working Christmas day (and boxing day), and this year, Kathryn’s working Christmas Eve (and boxing day). Not quite our traditional level of relaxation, sadly, due to a mistake on the shopping front we lacked a few bits for Christmas dinner.

Thankfully, being Kathmas, all the shops were open and we toddled down to the supermarket to get a few bits and bobs. We also meandered past the house that we should be in. I’d been vaguely wanting to trundle past for a while. I’m not quite sure why – a bit of persuading myself it’s worth it, a bit of making sure it’s not exploded/collapsed/being squatted in/a huge mistake. It’s dragged on so long and been such a desperate and stressful drag on us that I just needed a reminder that at the end of this stupid hassle, there is actually a nice house waiting.

Thankfully, ringing my mum yesterday, she commented (with marked delight) on the house (although I think the garden may well have been a significant factor in her opinion) having just seen the . On the plus side, I think it may be favourably placed for free Solar panels, which’d be cool, and I’ve found some stuff about external insulation for solid-walled buildings, which would also be good. Hopefully we can drag its energy efficiency up a fair bit.

Anyhow, so, Kathmas – awesome presents, and lovely just to spend the day curled up with my love. We’ve got our little habitat christmas tree (with it’s little white lights) glowing away in the corner of the room. It feels lovely and and christmassy, and adds some much needed cheer to our room. Tomorrow, is of course, everyone else’s Christmas – so Happy Christmas everyone, hope you have a great day.


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