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So, another house that we liked has sold. I’m not as attached as I was to the house in Rudgeway (which incidentally, still shows up as ‘under offer’) – but it was a good potential. So, poot.

Still, we’re working towards selling – we’ve been packing up stuff with the thought that it’ll make decorating and dressing the house easier – and we got a quote for carpeting the upstairs and the stairs… Painful.

We’ve also continued to plant things out and attempt to keep the slugs from destroying our plants. This has involved giving in and buying bottled water; not because we want bottled water, but because we want the bottles. These bottles are then placed happily over the plants protecting them from the ravages of the sluggybeasts, one of which had found it’s way onto a Tomato that was out being hardened out.

Frustratingly it’d lopped of a big leaf and was working it’s way through the poor thing’s main stem – but Kathryn caught it in time.

Anyhow. Today is a work day, so I need to go and shower.


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