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So, I’m trying to fill in the ‘Allocation Questionnaire’ which came back from the Small Claims Court.

Simple it is not.

Well, I suppose it’s only a few tick boxes, but the one sentence legalese explanations of what’s meant to go in the spaces and what, the fuck, I’m meant to do for some things – and the fact the entire internet is occupied with claiming money back from your bank for unfair charges means that I’ve been unable to work out what, exactly, I should put for ‘proposed directions’, and a couple of the other sections.

It is, I feel, pretty sad that the ‘simple and easy’ Small Claim Court process is such a fucking nightmare to find out how to navigate. So far, the Court & the CLA have declined to give me advice because (a) the court is not able to give information on legal matters, and (b) the CLA have no expertise in this area. Thankfully the solicitor I spoke to finally gave me some advice stating that I was right, there is no applicable pre-action protocol – and so I just have to say ‘no, there isn’t one’. Which is all I wanted to fricking know.

Although now I want to know what the ‘proposed directions’ should be, the alledged support form won’t come down from HMCS, and so I’m resorting to making vast assumptions based on the one-sentence description of what it’s meant to be.

Can’t we manage to come up with something a little, teeny, tiny bit more user friendly.


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