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So, this morning has largely, so far been spent doing lots of online things of the sort which end up lurking in my conciousness, and then piling up, and then I remember that there’s 17 things I wanted to check.

I’ve updated the iPhone to 3.1.2 and jailbroken it, which suddenly made it want to have the proper Vodaphone settings (since voda’ have started offering the iPhone, but the 3G, not my aged 2G). It seems to be perky enough and still appears to work, which is handy. I also had a look at bluetooth headsets. I’ve been contemplating bluetooth headsets for a while, with the idea that at some point, when I have ‘becca back, I’ll want the handsfree capability.

There seem to be a number of voicedial apps for the aged 2g, thankfully. So anyhow, I shall continue to consider that – although I’m concerned about this over-the-ear fitting poking my glasses, which would be annoying.

I’ve also been looking at microphones. Kathryn’s involved in the development of a podcast, and I’m slowly putting together a podcast (yes, really, although whether I’ll get around to actually recording it is, of course, another thing). We did a test recording on the mac using the onboard mic, and it’s non-awful, but not great. So I’d like something better – unfortunately I disposed of the decent Shure* microphones when I shut down the Studio. However, I’m now a bit confused – I had a poke at various advice sites and they all advocated using condenser mics, which obviously mostly want their own power supply… or at least, most of them seem to want one. Which obviously is a bit difficult.


So I’m contemplating what to do on that front. Recording engineers – advice please?

I’ve also done some general poking, and watched this entertaining little video.

Oh, and found an application which appears to successfully add covers to itunes, which given that itunes singularly failed to find the covers for most of the music I’ve ripped is handy. It is, however, $15 which is inconvienent. Especially because yesterday I terrified myself by creating a spreadsheet in which were the calculations for how much I’d spent on ‘becca so far, and how much was left to come. It wasn’t a pretty spreadsheet (in any respect), and has left me making whimpering noises…

So I’m looking at ‘becca and considering the corners I can trim to try and bring things a bit more under control. The problem, though, is that most things I ‘might as well do now’ since she’s in bits. And I don’t want any half-arsed jobs left. Essentially, the only savings come through things costing less than they are speculated at costing. I’m hoping the new loom will come out much cheaper than predicted. Jonathon is looking for places where things could be cheaper without compromising on quality too much, so hopefully we’ll get all the things I want for a price I can afford :)

Anyhow, I should get back to my exciting development programme from work.

*SM58s, I think.


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