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So, today has been a day of trying to catch up on the many days where I’ve failed to do anything useful due to an addiction to Chuck. I’d been working on my 52 week (or in my case, 156 week) programme from work last week, and done a fair amount of laundry, but that’s it.

Today the carpenter’s been and gone, and he’s put the final bit of skirting in the lounge; I’m pleased to see that he couldn’t actually do it with a single bit of wood, the curve is too tight, or at least, it’s too tight to do without expending a lot of money on pressure-steaming a bit of wood; so it’s made of laminated MDF now.

The filler’s drying and will get sanded and painted later this week.

I’ve switched it so the AA cover now covers Chester for our trip to France later in the year, booked the Volvo in for a service, arranged the return of our rug (uncleaned, I’m going to have to rent a carpet cleaner), I’ve attempted to contact the vancouver nursing people (but, uh, their office is in Vancouver, and isn’t open at 3am or whenever it was that I tried to ring. Oops). I’ve got a couple of piano quotes, organised some money transfers to pay for more mog works, and emptied the shelves in the office – and e-mailed the builder about the crack that’s appearing.

Over the weekend we went and looked at houses in Cornwall for my mum, I’m hoping that all goes well for her…

And now, back to developing my knowledge. I hope I get the SSN position after all this bloody work.


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