Day of the Triffids

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Spoilers, lots of, because while I gave part one the benefit of the doubt, Part 2 was bloody awful.

Things that are bad:

– Despite going to all the bother of having an electric barbed wire (well, razor wire) fence, his dad is never, ever seen to connect it after switching it off the first time.
– They never get goggles. Jeeze, if I’d nearly lost my sight once I’d get some goggles.
– The women! What’s up with the women?! Did they watch early Spielburg and go “Hey, this panting every time we see something scary really gets the tension going. Lets have the women be feckless and do that”.

I know that the book’s not exactly women-heroes everywhere, but jeeze, if your screenplay’s going to do something so far from the book please don’t make all the women be useless and become a mum at the sight of children.


So, le suck. Le Fail BBC.

You disappoint me.


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