Happy Xmas!

What? You all had Xmas a week ago?



Well, I’m-a havin’ it *today*. ‘n I know Father Xmas came, ‘cos Kathryn put out some fruit ‘n a drink for him and it’s been eaten *g*.

In other news (until Kathryn wakes up – I woke up early and my allergies encouraged me to get up) I am torn. Quite torn. Option a: 250-350 quid on a modern washer drier that’s almost certainly a piece of crap*. Option B – 120 quid to get an ancient, but probably much better made washer/dryer second hand. Problem is, A gets delivered here. B requires me to take a day (well, at least 7 hours of a day) to collect it. A would have a warranty for a year; B might die and need repair in a few months.

It’s made more complex by the fact that I don’t want a Hotpoint machine again, which also excludes Indesit and apparently Ariston (and on, and on) – which I didn’t know. Also, apparently Creda are really hotpoint too. Argos stock a ‘Bush’ washer drier – but only guarantee delivery ‘within the next 35 days’. It’s 50 quid cheaper than the 320 quid Hoover I’ve been staring at with vague notions of purchase for the last half hour.

Ironically, if we were staying here I’d be more inclined towards the older machine, hell, I’d be pretty inclined to go out and find a Bendix Automatic Washer. But anyhow.

I sit here considering the options, being inclined towards the more expensive option with a warranty – because it’ll look better when we come to sell than an older machine sitting there. Also, the oldest one I’ve seen on the bay isn’t as old as I’d like (she says convincing herself). I’m tempted to wander down to Currys tomorrow morning and see if I can convince them to knock off some monies using ‘sale-of-goods-act’ etc, etc, on the old Hotpoint.

And such.


I think I should go enjoy Xmas now :)

* While I’m sure that there are some better quality washer driers (miele, for example, I think still make decent kit), buying a nice washer drier for a house we’re moving out of (I hope) in about 6 months (I hope) seems pointless.


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