2.6 miles an hour

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Yesterday my commute to work was very long. It normally takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Yesterday it took 5 hours. 5 hours, door-to-door traveling just over 13 miles.

Seriously, people need to learn how to drive in the snow. It’s not *that* hard. I’m not exactly stellar, but if I can manouver a 20 year old rear wheel drive Volvo on 10 year old tyres, you should be able to get your traction controlled, shiny front wheel drive box in a fairly straight line down the road.

Highlight: After an hour of queuing to get out of Slough, I came to a point where traffic was splitting to get around an apparently broken down car. The odd thing? No hazards. As I pulled up next to him I noticed that there was a bloke in the car, lying back, either asleep or…I feared…collapsed. I put the Volvo into Neutral, handbrake on, and gingerly hopped out onto the ice. A tap on the window, the bloke woke up, looked puzzled, looked around and then waved gratefully and drove off.

Obstruction cleared :)

Ah well. Sleep now.


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