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So, I’ve been quite good today, the only thing I haven’t done is take the battery off my bike and charge it, something I’ll do in a minute (I say again). Something is sucking power from the bike’s battery, not a lot, but enough when she’s standing, so I’ll have to go hunt that down (ha! like that’ll happen!).

I have however had a 7 mile run, taken back the hire car, take the now running correctly DAF from the MOT place to the Welder, walked 3 miles back (in the rain), stopping to get Kathryn’s book (argh! Bastard 3fo2, and lack of will power*!), a pair of ‘jogging bottoms’ which I will proceed to ruin (I tried oxfam, and they had none; or at least none I’d not feel completely ridiculous wearing**).

I didn’t go to JLH on the motorbike, partly thanks to a flat battery, and partly due to continuous horrid rain. There is, however, the faint possibilty that the number of MOT’d / Taxed vehicles may cross the 50% boundry for the first time in an age.

* Hence Danny the Champion of the World after moments of remembering curling up with family having opened the library edition that Kathryn had, and Stephen Fry in America, because I like Stephen Fry. Swines, the lot of them.
** Plum purple velvet? Black but with some great array of stars on my arse? No thanks.


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