Argh (as per usual)

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So, I went to B&Q, this I hoped would cure my ‘still feeling full’ sensation from breakfast. I seem to have been getting that a lot of late, probably because my body doesn’t like me eating then lazing around like some roman senator on the sofa. Anyhow.

So, I debated light(s) (for the larder) for a while before deciding that since I’m not thinking recessed lights, Kathryn ought to be there to decide with me, and I’ll just move the cable (since it runs on top of the ceiling in there) wherever it needs to go. I debated ‘cheating’ and covering up the hole I’m about to make with an entire new sheet of plasterboard. This would mean that some of the ceiling would have a layer of lath & plaster, and some that plus plasterboard. A naughty bodge, and I debated for a bit before deciding to attempt to repair the laths afterward… Although I may well change my mind.

And then I looked at tiles for a bit, it seems they’ve stopped selling the ‘Toronto’ tiles that I laid in the bathroom, not a problem (I hope) because I’ve got spares to lay in that corner (where I took the tiles up), I’ll just have to be careful, because the tile count isn’t high. Annoyingly though, the adhesive and grout I used comes in *MASSIVE* tubs, and not little ones, and since the whole floor is done using it, I’ve had to get a *MASSIVE* tub of adhesive + grout to redo it.


*And* It’s not suitable for use on concrete floors (le *sigh*), which is what I need to tile downstairs. So, new plan, I suspect, is to get some fairly similar grey tiles for the front, and some more of that to do the larder. Of course, once we start the ‘festival of tiling’ I might as well do the kitchen wall tiles too. Woot.

Anyhow, since I seem to have gone from ‘overfull’ to ‘starving hungry’ I’m going to drink a little water and head out on an attempt at a run.


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