The smallest mind on earth

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Well, one of the other things which is sometimes quite cool working in the emergency department is that the whole and entire world walks in the doors (sometimes simultaneously, it seems). I’ve met some really interesting and awesome people. One of the people I met recently left me muttering ‘Stupid xenephobic little country’ (other people were agreeing with him), and wanting to go out and correct some of his (and their) many misconceptions.

It’s one of those things which ultimately challenges your nursing abilities; I’ve looked after a bloke who’s arms were covered in tattoos for right wing / nazi organisations; I think he was probably having nightmares as he was looked after by first me, and then an openly gay male nurse.

And you have to remember that these people are just as entitled to a high standard of care as the open minded, and frankly much nicer people who I enjoy looking after. Still, a challenge is good. Eh?


Kate's a human mostly built out of spite and overcoming transphobia-racism-and-other-bullshit. Although increasingly right-wing bigots would say otherwise. So she's either a human or a lizard in disguise sent to destroy all of humanity. Either way, it's all good.