And so it ends

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Another week of nights is, thankfully, over. While the week has been in many ways not that bad, you have to remember that a week of nights is – fundamentally – two weeks worth of work crammed into the space of one. It is, therefore, hard going.

And today is, as usual one of those days which passes in a blur of chaotic blurred thoughts.

Anyhow, so, my iphone is currently driving itself insane, it’s too flat to come on, but since it’s connected to the laptop to charge it’s endlessly cycling through powering on, vibrating, attempting to complete start up before going back to sleep because it’s flat. After a few cycles it manages to get charged enough that it’s okay, but it’s quite entertaining to watch.


So, before I came home from my night shift (this has got to be worth bonus points) I paid my 3.50 and dunked myself in chlorinated water. 16 lengths later (yeah, not that many, I know, but hey I’d just finished an 11 hour shift) I toddled out of the pool feeling quite awake, and also wanting a variety of things at the same time.

I recall, back when Bristol North Baths closed that part of the argument was that it was run down and needed a heck of a lot of money spending to bring it up to current standards. Seriously, if that’s the case, I invite the whole lot of Bristol’s city council to come look at Arthur Hill pool. It makes Bristol North look positively pristine. The pools base appears to have been re-tiled at some point – the base being random-mosaic tiles, rather than the big chunky tiles that’d match the ones on the sides. Sections appear to have lost these mosaic and have been ? painted (it was a lane’d swim, so I wasn’t diving and swimming along the bottom). It looks tired, the tiles are chipped and cracked and battered, and in place of Bristol North’s hidden glass ceiling it appears to have a 1970s utilitarian chique tin roof. Mind you, it’s exactly the kind of pool I like, reasonably deep at one end and just for swimming. It’s also sensibly priced.

Anyhow, it’s prompted me to finally upload (onto Flickr) the many shots of Brizzle North.

And thinking of the ‘Retro’ theme, I was reminded of this:

80's vending machine

Which I captured near Liberty’s in London; it’s a vending machine which appears to still be in service, and which appears to have not been updated since the early 1980s. I think that’s a hybrid of a Metro and an Ital, and the hair, oh the hair. It is amazing how far graphic design has come, really, isn’t it.

When I finally got back home after my swimmette, my body’s end-of-nights confusion kicked in, I wanted to clean my teeth, go to the loo, get moisturiser on my hands, drink lots of water and eat breakfast; the only issue being that I wanted to do all of these at once (at least none of them had overriding priority) and my brain was struggling to work out how to order things. Eventually we got an order and I’m about to start working on breakfast…

…then, plan is, off to get the old radio out of the Volvo, and pop in the new one (pray that the connector matches) and then a bit later collect the sewing machine for Kathryn :)

Ra? Ra indeed.


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