Weakness & Strength

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I have always looked in skips since I was little. These intriguing spaces filled with the unwanted and disused. Once, in my youth, my dad and I came home with a complete office phone exchange, 6 phones and the receptionist’s control phone.

I still have a telephone exchange operator’s desk (the metal bit, I don’t have the wood framing) which I need to get rid of (good home wanted). And so, today, as I passed a pile of CRT TVs in a skip, I paused and looked at them slightly sadly. Had I the time and money I’d love to mount an LCD in something of that nature, but really I want a jellymould Bush to do that to :)

But there, lurking in a corner was something to test my restraint (again). A valve radiogram. A ‘Westminster’ apparently, featuring both long and short wave reception.

Fortunately, it’s quite a big radiogram. Were it a smaller valve beastie then I may have been overcome. Instead I just felt sad looking at the waste, and wandered off to see if the chap can get the DAF bits any cheaper than sending ’em from Holland.

Anyway, lunch-then-work call.


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