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So, I ordered my computer at about 10am yesterday, at 7pm-ish I got this quote in an e-mail:

“Your order was shipped on 02.03.2009. Your Delivery Reference Number is [redacted]. We expect your order to be delivered to your shipping address on or before 03.03.2009”

Thankfully they didn’t wake us up in the middle of the night to deliver the laptop, because excited though I am I don’t think that’d’ve pleased me that much. Although…then I could be using it now…


I’m quite excited. I have plans. I have a graphic designy thing I want to do, I want to get the old iPaq back in it’s GPSing role* (although I really need to get it a good big SD card for it to do that ‘cos I want it to have the whole of Europe on it, since that’s what I’ve got in my ancient map-pack for it).

Yesterday I watched too much TV**: House (one episode), Dollhouse (3 excellent episodes, want more), Being Human (Bloody sod people, it needed to be a longer season). I’ve got BSG to watch over breakfast today, and we’ve got the L word to watch when we fancy. Oh, and we watched an episode of Grand Designs last night. I was much too tired to do anything terribly logical.

Anyhow, plan is that if it’s dry and warm I’ll fixie the minor’s exhaust (I think, assuming I’m right about the extra pipe length being hidden in the front-section), and spend much of the day being a secretary to myself; there’s much in the way of unsorted paperwork to, well, sort.

Lucky old me.

*It is, sadly, so old that the newest maps it’ll run with are the 2002 maps. It can’t run any later versions of WinCE (appropriately named as it was), because it’s not got enough space :(
** Anyone ever notice how I’m lousy at reviewing things? I never know what to say. I either end up just describing it, or I end up rambling on in a vague way. No different from normal, really.


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