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So, nights were made more entertaining than normal, or scary, depending on whether I was hearing the stories about the doctor or telling the stories about the doctor. Just remember, nurses save your life. Not always, but sometimes.

Let’s just say that that was one of the more scary things I’ve had happen. Not quite as scary as the new doctor intubating someone, and despite me clearly saying “tell me what you need, I’ve never done this before” he got to paralysing the patient and then looked at me and went “oh shit, where’s the tube”.

Anyhow, post nights have, so far, not been too awful. I stayed up yesterday, pottering in the garden. I laid the last few bricks; and then threw gravel down on the new pseudo-patio area. It makes the straightness of the concrete look less…well…like a big straight line of concrete. I’m already thinking we should have forked out for the weed control fabric, but hey, never mind.

I also spent some time in B&Q staring at concrete and (very lazy) mortar mixes; I’m definately feeling more inclined to spend the extra and get the pre-mix stuff, just because I need so little to do the stairs that it hardly seems worth getting a big bag of concrete, and once you factor in the big bag of stones and half a ton of builder’s soft sand… well… it doesn’t work out that much cheaper, I suspect.

Today I dropped Kathryn at school which proved to me that…the minor’s exhaust is lower than it should be.

This I knew.

I think it’s time for a state of the fleet address:

Transmission almost dead. 2nd and 3rd attrociously noisy, and sometimes not that easy to obtain. 1st sounds awful too. 4th’s pretty good though!
Front suspension worn out.
Exhaust needs two parts separating which don’t want to come apart (no matter how hard I try). I will have another go, though, since the current arrangement of parts has the exhaust fouling speedbumps.

Brake cylinder needs replacing.
Exhaust needs replacing.
Probably needs a rebore and new rings, burns oil like a good’un.
Needs new vacuum hoses, probably, and new heater hoses, definately…

Needs a new brake cylinder, I think, because the one that’s not been replaced’s leaking more than a teeny bit. I think the new cylinders are a different diameter to the old ones, and that would explain the uneven braking. I’m hoping the new shoes will improve the braking in the sense of making it more effective, but I doubt they’ll do anything to improve the significant pull. Needs new gaiters on the front suspension…will Duct-tape do?
Needs 2 new tyres (well, probably needs 5, but I’ve not looked at the rear ones as hard as the front ones).

Just a few jobs then :-/


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