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So, I promised pictures of the house and garden. I wanted this to be separate from the previous post, though (for obvious reasons).

Anyhow, this is the kitchen and the garden at the mo

This is the kitchen (uh, obviously) – I forgot to move the 1960’s iron out of the way for the photo, but it’s a fair representation because apart from moving the laundry, that’s exactly what our kitchen looked like yesterday. Didn’t clean it before taking the photo. I need to pop the cable for the extractor in some trunking, and then I think that whole area’s finished.

This is the dining area. It’s a different colour to the kitchen – and the pipes visible in the corner need to be boxed in. The door that you can see the edge of needs the hardboard covering the original panel door removed, and then it’ll need to be stripped and painted. And that damn light? That needs to be taken down and repaired because it doesn’t bloody work. Anyone fancy fixing a transformer?

And this is the garden…

There’s an entire set of garden photos here. I’m really proud of what we achieved with the garden, we couldn’t have done it without my mum and Paramito, but it’s really something to be pleased about. It’s such a different space compared to how it was. We just need to sort out the rubble now.

Anyway, we’re getting to the point were I’ve run out of excuses and need to actually do some paperwrk. It’s been raining so I’m holding off going out and doing the car. Which is bad. Because I do need to do it.


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