Post Spam: Ok, I’m still a geek

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So, the shiny arrived today. And my, isn’t it shiny. A big, cold, milled block of aluminium, and a huge multi-touch touchpad. A keyboard that reminds me of early ’80s computers (but is, to be fair, somewhat better).

Having carefully opened the box containing the box, and slipped the box out, and cut (carefully) the tape holding it closed I removed the laptop [not cutting or breaking any of the plastic, or indeed the ‘read the licence’ sticker] and sat down. Having run through the tail end of the installer and got to the desktop, I dinked for about 2 minutes, and then put in the install disk, and rebooted.

That’s right. I get a shiny new laptop and the first thing I *actually* do with it is nuke the existing install, repartition the disk, and then reinstall (two partitions, one an ’emergency’ install for when I screw up the main install). Then I’ve got a pile of software to install on it, once I actually get an operating system back on there (it’s nearly finished installing the ’emergency’ one).

What I can say though is it’s deeply shiny. And the screen makes the Dells aged LCD look somewhat pale.

I, apparently, am still a teensy bit of a geek.



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