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Apparently that means “WTF! What kind of foolishness is this!” which seems pretty apt. I’ve spent the morning dinking with the iPaq (which when it boots proclaims it’s September 2001), and which, with VMWare and ActiveSync I’ve managed to get connecting, sort of, to the Mac. I’ve reinstalled TomTom 3, and remembered that I need a much bigger CF card. The 64Meg card it’s got in it is only enough for 1/4 of the country. A few Gigs should sort that out.

Not this month though!

Need to check the GPS unit in the car still works.

It’s taken about 2 hours to get that bit all working.

And now…now I’m trying to install a dinky MP3 player on there (called ‘todayplayer’) – which is 188k. To do this though, I have to install DX9 on my Win2k install*. So far we’ve failed to pass windows validation, not because it’s not a valid copy of windows but because the genuine validation checker won’t run on my Win2k install. Ironically, if I run it from MacOS and it uses the VMWare install, then it will run, but because I won’t allow Windows to access the internet it falls over.

They stopped the free support for Win2k server (which is what I own), and therefore I don’t have virus protection. Since I’ve no desire to use Windows except to run the iPaq (yes, really) then it’s a bit pointless investing in Virus Protection for it.

But I’m hoping that the Dx9 I’m downloading from a free-software site (reputable one) will install on my aged Win2k.

I have to say it’s pretty cool, running VMWare on here.

I’m thinking a BBC Emulator would be fun too.

If I could get an RPC emulator and have SuperFoulEgg and Bloxed I’d be entertained forever ;)

It’s amazing how clunky Win2k feels now. After 8 years of software development the interface feels messy and things that bugged me before seem even more dumb. Although it remains my ‘favourite’ version of Windows (well, WinNT4 was my ‘favourite’ because it’s the only version that remained reliable for me, but Win2k wasn’t bad and had USB).

Incidentally, copying music to the iPaq is a great system:
[EntMacStorageServer (OS X 10.4)]->[MacBook (OS X 10.5)] -> [VMWare virtualised install (Win2kSP4)] -> [iPaq 3660 (PocketPC)].

Simplicity itself.

It’s taken about a minute and a half to copy one file. It’s just a proof of concept tho’; then I’m moving because my back is killing me from sitting on the floor. Then I’m going to sort out e-mail. Then I’m going to shower and sort out the Minor (assuming the weather stays blue skies).

*This turned out to be a lie. I’d downloaded the wrong file. Now have the right file…


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