Mud, muck and paint.

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So, today is house day, we’re not quite up and running yet although we’ve had our pancakes :)

I attacked the garden a bit more yesterday, spending about an hour separating bricks and laying them next to the path, I even took the old concrete edging off the path, the only problem is that I can’t easily justify the cost of gravel to cover the path. I suppose it should wait until the decking’s done anyway.

I’ve also been looking at topsoil which is a bit more pricey than I imagined. We need approximately 1 cubic meter of topsoil, which is quite a lot, when it comes to it. And basically ends up being 70 quid; unfortunately the company that’s cheapest can only do 3-4 days delivery, and I’m being screened for allergies on the 4th day, so we can’t have it delivered that day. I’m going to ring them tomorrow, ‘cos if they say ‘we can do it on day 3, definately’, then that’ll do. Otherwise they cost the same as everyone else.

My other plan is to ring the dubious company that’s local, and used to have a big sign up saying ‘topsoil’. I’m sure it’s no-where near such a good quality of soil, but if it’s cheaper and they can do it tomorrow or tuesday, that’d be a lot more convenient.

That should give us the veggie patch, anyhow. A nice raised veggie patch (or two). I’m suddenly contemplating a little rock-garden, too. Essentially, the plan as I have it, is to use up as much of the rubble as I can.

Wondering about filling in that front garden with concrete, most of it, anyhow (not very environmentally friendly, better for parking tho’). Would probably sell the house better though, 2 parking spaces, even if they’re just plain concrete and would definately be better with Kathryn’s car, my bikes, and Jejy and Rebecca trying to squeeze in. No way we can afford the current brick drive way fad though, so it would just be plain concrete..

Now, today is a different day. Hot air gun and removing the paint from the trim around the kitchen and larder door, and perhaps remove the hardboard from the larder door. Anyway, it’s time to get on.


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