Bother, squared.

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So, it’s cold, frequently wet and windy. What would be less than ideal?

Guess… go on… guess.

Yep; that’s right, the exhaust on the Minor (made by Falcon, incidentally, with a ‘lifetime warranty’ from Charles Ware’s Morris Minor Centre, in Bath) has snapped again. I think this is the 3rd centre section. It may be the fourth.

Either way, they stated before that they would not replace the centre section again despite it having a ‘lifetime warranty’. The Lifetime in question clearly, in this case, referring to that of the exhaust. I.E. the lifetime of the warranty is as long as the exhaust lasts. Which in this case is months. It lasted longer than the last one on the basis that, well, the car was off the road for nearly a year.

Unfortunately, since we spent the day having a very pleasant walk around the countryside around Newbury with work, and getting lunch at a pub*, we didn’t finish off the DAF today. Although, it’s going to wreck the new clutch shoes running it with drum as it is. But the DAF owner’s club has been awesome, for reasons I’ll explain later, when we’ve had a chance to mull over the incredibly kind offer.

But on the less good front, I’ll be riding the MZ to work tomorrow. For a long day. In the cold. The bitter, bitter cold.

Not that I’m a little unkeen.

I’ve found the inner liner for my bike trousers tho’ which is handy.

* Which annoyingly had only one main veggie course, which was curry, so for the third day in a row I’ve had curry :(


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