Bother, it’s all terribly complex

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So, back when I followed computers and IT I knew which hard drive manufacturer was good, and which sucked. I had favourites, and brands I’d not touch. I was a consumate geek and cared not if the drive produced more or less decibels of noise, so long as it was quick, and had a low seek time.

Now I look at the drive comparison chart trying to balance 42dB/A against 35.9dB/A and power dissipation and usage figures against seek times and transfer rates, and find myself wanting to hide. Part of me wants the fastest drive I can lay my hands on (because eventually it’ll find it’s way into the work mac, I expect, when it gets too small for entertainment mac usage), and then I’ll want it to be quick, and less concerned about noise. But while it’s sat next to the TV I want it to be quiet and consume little power. Damn it, why’s it so complex.


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