Ah, drugs

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So, massively overtired as I was, thankfully yesterday’s shift was in an observation ward. A proper obs ward, not like where I work. Or perhaps that’s backwards. Our obs ward is really just that, it’s clearly intended as a place to keep an eye on a few people who you can’t send home immediately but don’t really need admission. No nurses’ station, no drug cupboard, nothing but a few beds and chairs, and a loo.

This one had a showers and bathrooms and isolation rooms, and a full range of drugs like you get on a ward. It had it’s own resus trolley, a large nurses station and a dedicated A&E doctor. Quite odd. Dear god was it dull though. I hadn’t realised how much I hate ward work!

I’ve not been so bored in my life. Mind, at 50p a minute for me to be bored there are worse things.

And I got to read the independent, from cover to cover.

The trains were very good to me too.

And Kathryn, very kindly, bought me drugs. I came home and there was a bottle of night-nurse waiting for me, so last night I slept all the way through, from 2200 to 0600 when I, with some poking, was encouraged out of bed. Rebecca, you see, had a date. She was to go to Southam Mini & Metro Centre to have her leaky engine looked at. She now sports a new timing chain cover, one without a pinhole in it (I hope), and the water leak has hopefully been sorted too.

Also slightly more sorted is the heater. It’d not been getting warm, as such, and as winter’s got on I’d got bored of being bitterly cold, so asked if they could fit a 88 degree stat. When they checked, they realised it didn’t have a stat at all, being still set up for running in – so that ended up being a freebie (always good), and it does now get warm, at least some of the time. I am vaguely wondering if it’s got an airlock or somesuch problem though, ‘cos it does seem to run cool at points, but I’ve checked and there is definately a full radiator of coolant.

It needs more exploration.

One thought that struck me today, as I noticed I’m less than 1000 miles from an indicated 30,000 is that, well… I got Rebecca at 60,000 miles (ish). She’s now displaying 30,000 (whether that’s 130,000 or 230,000, or indeed more is a bit of a question). So that’s 70,000 miles in her, except… for 2 years or so she sported another speedo. And I faintly recall that one had 30 or 40k put on it was in use.

So in fact, Rebecca and I may have travelled around 100,000 miles together in the last 8 years. Not bad for a 40 year old car, I’d say. Anyway, I need to go and write a note for the owner of the corner house, apparently he said ‘no’ because the roof of the garage is falling in. I *know* it’s falling in, my point was that I’d deal (at least temporarily) with the roof if I can use the garage for free for as long as it’s standing… So I’m going to go and drop off a note.


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