5 hours and all I got was this lousy tarp

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Now, I hate to be revolting. Well, actually I don’t give a fig whether I’m revolting or not, but I just have to say how awesome Kathryn is. She’s sweet and kind and thoughtful. She’s generous, intelligent, creative and wonderful. And today she was just so lovely; despite the temperatures of 2 degrees C (and below), the snow, the oil and the gunk she worked away with me on the DAF today. Without her it would have been impossible to get nearly as far as we did, and getting the bonnet off alone would have been nightmareish.

She is, I am convinced, the most wonderful person in the world.

That having been said, we didn’t finish the DAF. 5 hours of solid work, we’re down to detaching the exhaust from the head (the book seems very vague about this, in fact, it actually suggests detaching the exhaust somewhere else, but then it’d still be curving round the suspension). All the wiring is detached, the bonnet, grill, bumper, air filter, various other ancilleries are also now in the boot and hopefully tomorrow we can get to the clutch and fix the poor benighted object, and then get her back on the road.

So, five hours in and we have this:

DAF sans front

So, uh, wish us good weather for the morrow.


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