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So today I feel more or less back to normal. My throat hurts, but the rest of me is pretty much up and about and hunky dory. Not quite so far as Tickedy Boo, oh no, but adequate for most purposes. If I needed to, I’d’ve gone to work today. I won’t, sadly, be going to Sam’s leaving do – Sam being an ambulance person who’s leaving do is, annoyingly, tonight. I just don’t want to make myself sick for tomorrow – what with our mini thanksgiving (I’ve actually realised we could probably have invited a couple more friends, but in all honesty, +3 is about the maximum that can reasonably sleep here at night)

At any rate, for the impending arrival of ‘the guests’ it is necessary for us to have a bit of a clean and tidy. The kitchen floor and the bathroom floor need sweeping (and the bathroom floor could benefit from a wash). The sinks ‘n stuff could do with cleaning and the lounge needs a pick-up; dust; sweep and hoover. Oh and the stairs – where the grand accumulation of crap seems to occur could do with sweeping. Oh, and the office could do with a once over too.

That makes it sound like the house is s a tip. It’s not, it’s just a little untidy around the edges.

This would all be fine if I were well; but I don’t want to overdo it, nor, equally, do I want to leave it all until Kathryn comes home. So, plan of action is to do about 30 mintues of cleaning to 30 minutes of rest. We’ve done one run through, and produced a larder with no more recycling in it, and emptied all the bins (just in case Pepper (one of Nikki and Kate’s dogs) gets that old urge to rifle through the bins and scatter damp, shredded paper everywhere); I also got rid of another bag of our ‘generic landfill waste’ that we generated while decorating. It’s not suitable for use as hardcore, so rather than beat the poor cars with carrying it to the tip; the council can take it away – one small bag at a time ;)

I’ve quickly stuck one load of washing through, and hung it up. There’s another load I’d like to get through and washed, and quite frankly, I’d liked to get the sheets on the bed through and dried too :)

Next step is to tidy the kitchen, though, I think.

Then the lounge.

Then the office (which will take some time ‘cos there’s paperwork to sort)

Then the bathroom…

And if I get a chance, the bedroom could do with a once over with a broom and a wipe of the horizontal surfaces.

When did I get to want to clean so much? I’ve always been at least vaguely tidy – that’s a complete lie. Since I left home, I’ve always been vaguely tidy. I think it’s wanting to have pride in our house :)


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