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Having buggered off home at mid day, because working from 9 ’til 12 is a tough day’s work for these guys [/sarcasm] I found, as I mentioned before that they’d cut off the water supply because (our poll says) they’re idiots.

Their supervisor finally locates them and drags them back.

I go down and go through the whole, you’ve disconnected the water and not reconnected it, thing. After we play the game of ‘no, it’s not that the boiler’s off you stupid git, it’s that you’ve cut the water main’ and him not getting it, I resort to pointing and simple words.

“this is the water supply to the house. This pipe used to feed the sink, the boiler and the rest of the house. You’ve cut it *here*. NO, that pipe with the stop-cock on that comes up through the floor is NOT just for the dishwasher”.*

And the final result….

“Oh. Oh yeah. *sigh*”.

Like it’s my fracking fault that they’ve had to come back when they want to be fucking off on holiday leaving our house an uninhabitable shithole.


I *wish* I had the time to put the kitchen together myself because I would kick this fucking company into touch so fucking fast right now.

* Phrase not said: Did you think the water magically materialised inside the pipes? Did you not think it odd that the only other pipes to come out from the floor are the central heating ones and the gas main? Perhaps you thought little water pixies with their little buckets would carry the water mysteriously across the huge gaping gap you’ve put in the fucking pipework.**

** ‘scuse the swearing, but I’m really, really annoyed. I had a plan for today which involved leaving the house. I’ve not eaten because I couldn’t go and get food because I look a state and can’t shower, and because I then had to spend an hour chasing their sorry asses around trying to find out where they’d buggered off to at mid day.


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