Tired and partially accomplished.

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So, this weekend’s been good; we’ve been down to see my mum, we’ve sorted out some of the mains wiring in the kitchen, there’s still some of the new fascias to go on, and the kitchen light is still in the wrong place; oh, and I remembered that we’re meant to be switching the old strip light for a couple of new halogen lights (not very energy efficient, but on a bulb-blowing basis they’ll probably be switched mostly over to ultra-bright LED lights).

I ordered tyres for the Jejy, door pulls and new wipers for Rebecca, all of which arrived today, so I headed over to HiQ who are my local supersnarky but actually very helpful exhaust place. While they laugh and the phrase “I’m not driving that thing in” was uttered, they jacked the car where I asked, and not on the Air Duct, they switched 4 of the tyres (warning me that the spare is *not* to be used except in an absolute emergency, and really it should be changed (it’s perished as hell, and that was the best of the tyres on the car)), and popped on the four hideous Camac tyres (well, they’re better than the 20 year old tyres, and I’ve got flipping Nankang on the mog; so much for my no-budget-tyres policy). Unfortunately they didn’t have the exhaust mounting rubber in stock, so I had to go down to Allparts, who exclaimed that they had (a)nothing listed and (b) nothing similar in the catalogue. 5 minutes later the guy came back with a mounting rubber which was exactly the same, except for a small lug on one side… Were I hastled I could’ve cut the lug off, but frankly, once the exhaust’s cold it can go on with that in place.

We also went for a quick jaunt from junction to junction. Actually, once on the motorway Jejy’s pretty settled. I didn’t really push hard, but we nipped up to 65 and trundled before coming off at the next junction; I also opened the vents – the idea being to clear them out as much as possible before I (possibly we) clean out the car at some point (‘cos it’ll be distressing having twigs and leaves blown at us when we’ve cleaned ‘er). The car was almost instananeously filled with a wedding-day-like confetti of dried leaves, bits of acorn and accumulated dirt. Having got that over and done with I flipped the vents the other way and sprayed the windscreen with a similar array of shite before things settled down. You can now move the heater flaps with nary a crunch, so I think we’re getting there.

Last night, during my awake period, I managed to find FCP and get it installed, it does of course not recognise the EvolutionTV (which was a bit hopeful, really); the EvolutionTV however does do MPEG2 capture (thankfully, I feared it was MPEG4 only for a while) – and seems to be very good, actually. Quite to my surprise.

So I’ve captured the majority of footage from my mum’s ceremony and now only have ours to do (90 minutes! A lot of that is dancing though, I think the ceremony’s about 20 or so). I just need to edit my mums, and was planning to do some really basic playing with Garageband to see if I can make some nice appropriate music. Either that or we’ll be breaking out the classical music CDs :)

Oh, I also left a message for the Registrar for our ceremony here, and we booked a pub to go dancing in after the event. Shibby-Shibby :)

We’re positively storming through the list of things to do. Now I’m just waiting for the bloke to come and do a quote for the building work, and we’ll be sorted.


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